Blue Plasma

Melodic Hard Rock

Sophomore Album Out Now!


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We here at the Rock Tale Hour are always on the lookout for good up-and-coming rock bands, so here’s our quick review of Blue Plasma Orb.  These four veteran Southern California rockers recently released their self-titled debut album, and any of you who love straight up, blues-tinged indie rock will not regret taking a deep dive.  With its driving guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and hooky melodies, this twelve-track CD is worthy of a spot in the regular rotation of your music library.

The album opens strong with a distortion-laden, fist-pumping anthem against the Man in “Fight.”  With so much of modern music sounding overproduced and digitized, Blue Plasma Orb achieves a grassroots ‘70s rock sound with foot-stomping bass and guitar riffs on the next tracks: “Strange Things,” which is reminiscent of Traffic, “Rocket” and “Lover.”

Our favorite cuts include the hard-driving rocker, “Lighting N’ver Strikes Twice,” about the rarity of finding true love, and “Whatcha Gonna Do [at the End of the World]” about the forthcoming zombie apocalypse (Walking Dead fans rejoice!).

Blue Plasma Orb rounds out the album with mellow tracks such as “Summer Girl” and the reggae-infused “Lazy Days” and “Fire and Ice,” which feel like the soundtrack to a day at the beach.

Treat yourself to a generous helping of Blue Plasma Orb.


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