Blue Plasma

Melodic Hard Rock

Sophomore Album Out Now!


Review by Robert Craven, Independent Music Review Ireland

Blue Plasma Orb are: Billy Bishop, Greg Peters, Bone (aka Steve Bonino) & Matt Magiera. BPO have an assured swagger and this CD produced by Bishop is remarkably free from effects.

The influences can be traced to Cream, Taste, The Beatles and Hendrix – track #1 ‘Fight’ is a fist-pumping anthem, with Bonino’s high register vocals offset nicely by the grinding back line.

The Cream-infused ‘Strange things’ allows the band to stretch and the unfussy analogue production adds rather than detracts from the material

The band are able to add touches of Stevie Ray Vaughn in ‘Lightening never strikes twice’, a real roadhouse number and display a nuanced feel on upbeat tracks ‘Elo’, ‘Summer girl’ and ‘ Its been such a long time’ which are real drive time songs.

For me the Strongest tracks are ‘Elo’, ‘Whatcha gonna do’ and the excellent reggae flavoured ‘Fire and ice’

This is a band comfortable in its skin and each of them assured in their roles. A wonderful album from a no-nonsense band.


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