Blue Plasma

Melodic Hard Rock

Sophomore Album Out Now!


Review by Maria Haskins, Under Further Review

After following California-based band Blue Plasma Orb online for a while now, it’s a joy to finally get to listen to their self-titled debut album. The band delivers the musical goods with a clean, shiny classic rock sound that hearkens back to the golden rock of the 1970s, and makes me think of bands like BTO, The Eagles, and Steve Miller. With hooky melodies, top-notch vocals, and a lineup of musicians that have the experience and the skill to please your ears, this is a real honest-to-goodness summer-soundtrack – the perfect thing for a July release.

Blue Plasma Orb’s sound feels refreshingly clean and uncluttered (you know, like real music), and the tunes are given some satisfying weight and warmth by the tasty blues-vibes that are added to the mix, as well as some real funky grooves to heat things up.

The album opens with the rocking and rolling “Fight” – a high energy track with a riff that grabs you from the get-go. Other standout tracks for me include “Strange Things” with some gorgeous deep-and-lustrous guitar gloss; the dreamy and high-flying “Rocket”; and the absolutely terrific swing and groove of “Lightning N’ver Strikes Twice”. Other keepers are “Lazy Days” with its laid-back, breezy Steve Miller-feel (perfect for a cold drink in the hot sun), and “Whatcha Gonna Do” which grabs your attention with a heavy, hooky guitar and bass and some smooth, bluesy flavor.

One of my favorite tracks here is “Fire and Ice” – there’s some beautiful guitar work here to go with the tender, expressive vocals, and the whole tune just kind of glistens with soulfulness.

If you’ve got a taste for well-crafted classic rock powered by good melodies, musical craftsmanship and great vocals, then you’re in luck: just put your mitts on this rock-solid debut by Blue Plasma Orb.


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